Student Aid Center Auto Calls Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Student Aid Center violated the TCPA by placing automatically dialed telephone calls to peoples cell phones without their express consent.

Ever get those awful auto calls from random companies that drive you (and me) nuts.  Under certain circumstances the TCPA makes it unlawful for companies to engage in that marketing practice.

Student Aid Center is a self-described industry leader in the federal student loan debt relief industry. It employs hundreds at its 26,000 square foot headquarters located at Doral, Florida. 

The complaint alleges that starting on or about June, 2015, Student Aid Center (either on its own or by use of a intermediary) , placed at least one telephone call per week to the Plaintiff Mario Stecco cellular phone. The source of the telephone call was a toll free telephone number identified by Stecco’s cellular carrier as 1-888-521-4388.

The complaint goes on the allege that on more than one occasion Student Aid Center left voicemails for Stecco advertising student loan debt consolidation and/or debt relief services.  Therefore Student Aid Center’s telephone calls and voicemail messages actively sought to have Stecco purchase, enroll in or otherwise utilize for a fee one or more of Student Aid Center’s goods and/or services.  

The complaint further alerts that Student Aid Center similarly placed, thousands of these same telephone calls to individuals’ cellular telephone numbers, each of which also constituted a solicitation to purchase goods and/or services.

To round out its pleading requirements, Stecco alleges that he never provided his cellular phone number to Student Aid Center, that he never provided it with consent to be contacted via his cellular phone and that he has never conducted business with or otherwise formed a business relationship with Student Aid Center.

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