Walmart Same-Sex Marriage Discrimination Class Action Settlement

Settlement Structure: Claims Made

Active: Closed

Closed Settlement Statement:

According to court documents, the claim submission deadline has passed. Please contact the claims administrator if you have any questions.

Case Summary:

The plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit allege that Walmart discriminated against associates with same-sex spouses based on sex by failing to provide spousal health insurance benefits to the same-sex spouses of associates before January 1, 2014.

Docket Number:


Company: Walmart, Inc.

Filing Deadline: March 20, 2017

Class Period: January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013

Objection Deadline: March 20, 2017

Exclusion Deadline: March 20, 2017

Final Approval Hearing: May 11, 2017

Proof of Purchase: Eligibility:

This settlement includes all of those who:

  • Worked at Walmart or Sam’s Club between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2013
  • Were legally married to a same-sex spouse during that same period; and
  • Would have been eligible for spousal Health Insurance Benefits from Walmart or Sam’s Club but for the limitation on providing spousal Health Insurance Benefits to same-sex spouses during that same period. 
Typical Settlement Amount:

Claimants who submit a Short Form Claim will receive a pro rata share of the settlement depending on the number of valid forms submitted. Claimants who submit a Long Form claim will be fully reimbursed.

Total Settlement Amount: $7,500,000

Class Representative Proposed Incentive Fee:


Law Firms:
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders
Outten and Golden LLP

Claim Form: Claim Form

Case Name: Cote v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Settlement Website: Cote v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Settlement

Claims Administrator:
Kurtsman Carson Consultants

Claims Administrator Contact Information:

Cote v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Claims Administrator

P.O. Box 43415 Providence, RI 02940-3415

Tel: 1-877-241-7543

Fax: 1-877-839-2878

Tags: Civil Rights, Employment Discrimination, LGBT Discrimination