LVNV Collection Settlement

Settlement Structure: Claims Made

Active: Closed

Closed Settlement Statement:

According to court documents, the claim submission deadline has passed. Please contact the claims administrator if you have any questions.

Case Summary:

This settlement resolves class actions against LVNV Funding, LLC, Resurgent Capital Service, LP, Alegis Group, LLC, and Sherman Financial Group, LLC. LVNV had filed collection lawsuits against Vittorio Blaylock and Guillermo Macia alleging they owed amounts on their credit card accounts. The two filed separate class actions making counterclaims against LVNV and third-party claims against the other defendants, claiming that they did not attach the required documentation to prove they owed the amounts, and that they did not have such documentation. Among other things, the complaints alleged the companies had violated the Illinois Collection Agency Act and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Docket Number:

13 L 562 Consolidated with 12 SC 2568

Company: LVNV Funding

Filing Deadline: October 24, 2022

Class Period: September 19, 2010 to September 30, 2018

Objection Deadline: October 24, 2022

Exclusion Deadline: October 24, 2022

Final Approval Hearing: November 14, 2022

Proof of Purchase:

You do not need to provide proof.


You may be eligible if you are a person against whom LVNV Funding or Resurgent Capital Service, LP filed a collection lawsuit in Illinois between September 19, 2010 and September 30, 2018. Not included are (1) people who paid their debts or settled their accounts in full without LVNV or Resurgent obtaining a judgement, (2) persons whose accounts were discharged via bankruptcy, and (3) persons who have passed away since LVNV or Resurgent filed the collection lawsuit.

Typical Settlement Amount:

- For class members whose accounts are uncollectible or have an outstanding balance of $75 or less: Payment of an unspecified amount and permanent closure of account.
- For class members whose accounts are collectible and have an outstanding balance of more than $75: Credit of $75 to account and permanent closure of the account.
- For accounts designated as “ownership” accounts: Refund and permanent closure of account.

Total Settlement Amount: $100,000

Class Representative Proposed Incentive Fee:


Law Firms:
Cates Law Firm, LLC, The
Donovan Rose Nester, PC

Claim Form: LVNV Settlement Claim Form

Case Name: LVNV Funding LLC v Vittorio Blaylock and LVNV Funding LLC v Casey Davis, as Independent Administrator of the Estate of Guillermo Macia

Settlement Website: LVNV Settlement Website

Claims Administrator:
Analytics Consulting, LLC

Claims Administrator Contact Information:

c/o Settlement Administrator
PO Box 2009
Chanhassen, MN 55317-2009

Tags: FDCPA, False or Altered or Insufficient Documentation, Loan-Related Unfair Practices, No Proof of Standing/Ownership of Debt