Kaplan Fair Labor Standards Act Violation Settlement

Settlement Structure: Claims Made

Active: Closed

Closed Settlement Statement:

According to court documents, the claim submission deadline has passed. Please contact the claims administrator if you have any questions.

Case Summary:

Plaintiffs allege that Kaplan violated FLSA and Illinois law by classifying Head Student Representatives as independent contractors and therefore failing to pay minimum wage.

Docket Number:


Company: Kaplan

Filing Deadline: September 8, 2016

Class Period: June 25, 2012 to August 31, 2014

Proof of Purchase: Eligibility:

All Head Student Representatives who worked for Kaplan Bar Review between June 25, 2012 and August 31, 2014 are eligible class members.

Typical Settlement Amount:

Head Student Representatives from June 25, 2012 to June 24, 2013 are eligible for $250. Head Student Representatives from June 25, 2013 to August 31, 2014 are eligible for $450. Those who work during both periods qualify for both payments, totaling $700.

Total Settlement Amount:

Class Representative Proposed Incentive Fee:

Law Firm:
Progressive Law Group, LLC

Case Name: Sharon Freeman v. Kaplan, Inc.,

Settlement Website: Kaplan Head Resettlement

Claims Administrator:
Rust Consulting, Inc.

Claims Administrator Contact Information:

Kaplan Head Rep Settlement Administrator
c/o Rust Consulting, Inc – 5256
PO Box 3065004
Des Moines, IA 50306-5004

Tags: Employment Violations, Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors