Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Program

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According to court documents, the claim submission deadline has passed. Please contact the claims administrator if you have any questions.

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The Epstein Victims Compensation Program (Epstein VCP) is a voluntary and independent program aimed at compensating and resolving the claims of victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse. It was designed by claims administration experts Kenneth R. Feinberg, Camille S. Biros, and Jordana H. Feldman, with input from victims’ attorneys and representatives of the estate, and others. Sexual abuse expert Marci Hamilton will advise.

Participation is voluntary, and participants do not need to stay any other actions in progress on the same topic. However, if they wish to accept an offer of compensation from the program, they will at that time need to dismiss with prejudice any other actions on the same topic. No cap or limitation has been established on the amount of compensation available to the victims. The administrator will determine eligibility and amounts of compensation, without input from the estate.

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Filing Deadline: March 25, 2021

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Victims must submit original notarized claim forms with a summary of the abuse by the deadline. Evidence should be provided, such as the nature, frequency, location, and timeframe of the abuse. These may include written documentation, such as correspondence with your family members, relevant medical or psychiatric records, or law enforcement records. If you are not able to submit documentation, you will still have a chance to make oral and written presentations to the administrator and supply any other corroborating information.


You may be eligible if you were sexually abused by Epstein.

- Your claim of sexual abuse must be directed at Epstein.
- You must be registered to participate by February 8, 2021. If you were sent a claim form and other material on this matter, you are eligible to participate.
- You must file a claim by March 25, 2021.
- Eligibility does not indicate that you will receive compensation. Your claim must be reviewed by the administrator, who will determine whether you should receive compensation and, if so, how much.
- As long as you meet the criteria, you may participate even if you have already entered into a settlement or if your claim is time-barred due to the statute of limitations.
- If you assisted Epstein in finding other victims, you may participate if there is a credible basis to find that you did so under duress because of your own sexual abuse by Epstein.
- If you decide to accept compensation, you must dismiss with prejudice other existing lawsuits, legal actions, or claims filed against Epstein’s estate or related parties.

See the information on the program at https://www.epsteinvcp.com/documents/4

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Total Settlement Amount: Unlimited

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Claim Form: Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Program Claim Form

Case Name: Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Program

Settlement Website: Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Program Website

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Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program

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Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program
Attn: Jordana H. Feldman, Administrator
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