CVS Algal-900 DHA Supplement Settlement

Settlement Structure: Claims Made

Active: Closed

Closed Settlement Statement:

According to court documents, the claim submission deadline has passed. Please contact the claims administrator if you have any questions.

Case Summary:

CVS is settling a class action over its Algal-900 DHA supplement containing docosahexaenoic acid algal oil. The complaint alleged that the product was misrepresented as being “clinically shown to improve memory” or creating “clinically shown memory improvement” on its label or package. 

Docket Number:


Company: CVS Health

Filing Deadline: December 12, 2019

Class Period: November 15, 2008 to September 30, 2016

Objection Deadline: September 13, 2019

Exclusion Deadline: September 13, 2019

Final Approval Hearing: September 26, 2019

Proof of Purchase:

No. CVS records may also provide proof. Benefits without proof of purchase are limited.


You may be eligible if, between November 15, 2008 and September 30, 2016, you bought a CVS brand Algal-900 DHA supplement where the label or packaging showed the words “clinically shown to improve memory” or “clinically shown memory improvement.”

Typical Settlement Amount:

Proof attached to claim form: refund of actual price paid or average retail price. Proof in CVS records: refund of price paid to ExtraCare account or voucher in the amount of price paid. No proof, no CVS record: $5.50 cash or $7 voucher.

Total Settlement Amount: Unknown

Class Representative Proposed Incentive Fee:


Law Firms:
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer
Mehri & Skalet PLLC
Reese LLP

Claim Form: CVS Algal-900 DHA Supplement Settlement Claim Form

Case Name: Worth v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

Settlement Website: CVS Algal-900 DHA Supplement Settlement Website

Claims Administrator:
KCC Class Action Services, LLC

Claims Administrator Contact Information:

CVS DHA Settlement
c/o KCC Class Action Services LLC
P.O. Box 404148
Louisville, KY 40233-4148

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