Centinela Feed California Labor Law Settlement

Settlement Structure: Claims Made

Active: Closed

Closed Settlement Statement:

According to court documents, the claim submission deadline has passed. Please contact the claims administrator if you have any questions.

Case Summary:

Centinela Feed, Inc. is settling a class action alleging that the company violated the California Labor Code in a number of ways, with respect to its hourly or non-exempt employees. The complaint includes allegations that the company did not properly pay minimum wages for all hours worked, did not pay proper overtime, did not provide proper meal and rest breaks or associated pay, did not reimburse employees for business expenses, and did not pay all wages owed at the time of termination.

Docket Number:


Company: Centinela Feed Inc.

Filing Deadline: July 2, 2018

Class Period: March 12, 2011 to April 5, 2018

Objection Deadline: July 2, 2018

Exclusion Deadline: July 2, 2018

Final Approval Hearing: August 17, 2018

Proof of Purchase:

No proof is needed unless you dispute the days and hours worked in the claim summary form that was sent to you. If you did not receive a claim summary form but believe you may be a member of the class, contact the claims administrator.


You may be eligible if you were an employee of Centinela Feed in a non-exempt position in California at any time between March 12, 2011 and April 5, 2018. Although there is no claim form deadline, since claims will be paid automatically after the settlement receives final approval, any challenges to the amount of hours recorded for employees must be made by July 2, 2018.

Typical Settlement Amount:

The net settlement fund will be divided between class members on a pro-rata basis, based on their individual number of hours worked during the class period. One third of amounts paid will be counted as wages and subjected to withholding; one third will be considered to be penalties, and one-third will be considered to be interest.

Total Settlement Amount: $850,000

Class Representative Proposed Incentive Fee:


Law Firm:
Lawyers for Justice PC

Claim Form: Centinela Feed California Labor Law Settlement Claim Summary Form

Case Name: Perez et. al. v. Centinela Feed Inc.

Settlement Website: Centinela Feed California Labor Law Settlement Website

Claims Administrator:
Angeion Group

Claims Administrator Contact Information:

Centinela Feed Wage and Hour Settlement
c/o Angeion Group
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadaephia, PA 19103

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