Protein Powder Spiking Class Action Investigation

This investigation is alleging that Core Formulations Core 8 & IsoCore, Rogue Nutrition Rogue Whey, and BioHealth Nutrition Precision Blend & Precision Iso protein powders are spiked with useless amino acids so that it registers higher in proteins than it actually contains, despite labeling that says it is not spiked.

In recent years, the price of whey protein, a byproduct of cheese manufacturing, has risen.  To combat this price spike, many companies that produce protein powders for shakes have been spiking their products with amino.  Inexpensive amino acids including glycine and taurine are often added into the powders to increase the nitrogen content.  This addition fictitiously increases the protein percentage.

The companies in question—Core Formulations, BioHealth Nutrition, and Rogue Nutrition—claimed that their protein powders are made of whey and that they are not spiked.  Core Formulations Core 8 powder has the following claims on its label: “NO PROTEIN SPIKING!! NO useless AMINO spikes like ‘Amino Acid Complex’ or ‘Taurine.’ ONLY 100% WHEN PROTEIN.” The manufacturers have prices that match their labels.  The prices for the protein powders range from $49.99 to $59.99 for a 2-pound container and $89.99 to $109.99 for a 5-pound container.  This is an egregious price premium that consumers would likely not have paid for if they had known the true contents of the powders.

Lab tests were conducted to compare the levels of protein on the protein powders’ nutritional labels to the actual amount of protein in the contents.  The average BioHealth protein powder contained only 45% of the protein that was claimed in the nutrition labels.  The average Core Formulations protein powder contained 77% of the protein that they had claimed.  The average Rogue Nutrition protein powder contained 70% of the protein that it had claimed.

If you have purchased any of the protein powders manufactured by BioHealth, Core Formulations, or Rogue Nutrition, please contact Attorney George Pressly at 1-800-631-6234.

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