Olympic Rescue It! Class Action Investigation

This is an investigation  in response to customer complaints about the outdoor resurfacer and sealant called Olympic Rescue It! The collective criticisms of the product allege that the deck stain is utterly ineffective and susceptible to cracking, peeling, and chipping within months after it is applied. Sold as a “high performance” coating, Olympic Rescue It! instead is of poor quality. Thus, the class members assert their money was wasted, as well as their time, since recoating their deck with a different product was necessary.


Olympic is a paint and stain company with corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Their line of Rescue It! outdoor resurfacers promises “a durable coating for wood and concrete splits and cracks up to ¼” deep.” Rescue It! also assures its consumers: “A fine texture helps to hide surface imperfections.” Olympic touts the sealants as ideal for lightly to moderately worn wood and concrete. It is also supposed to waterproof and provide a non-slip textured outdoor surface.


Deck stains typically effectively seal wood for three to five years before reapplication is necessary. Yet, members of this class action assert Rescue It! broke down in a short time after it was applied, peeling, cracking, and bubbling. Class members also state that the product required an extensive preparation time before they were even able to begin the application process, which again was time consuming. Olympic has claimed there is no set time period for a sealant to last, and this would depend on how worn the material is to start. Members of the class claim the product broke down in an unreasonably short period of time.


While Olympic has offered to refund unhappy customers who have properly applied the product, and/or replace with another Rescue It! resealent, some members of the class assert that this is not sufficient. The time wasted in preparing and applying a faulty product, only to do the work all over again, has forced them to seek a greater return than simply a refund and replacement.


The class action investigation is calling for consumers to join who have purchased and used Olympic Rescue It! in the last couple of years, and who have seen the product fail within a few months after its application.


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