Medical Lab Blood Testing Investigation

An ongoing legal investigation is questioning the practices of many lab companies and their charging practices.  Many insurance companies have agreements with labs that they will only be charged a discounted rate for medical lab fees.  Consumers that do not have insurance or whose insurance is denied do not have this advantage and often pay a much higher price for the same testing.

For example, the average blood test costs consumers without proper insurance coverage approximately $100.  Insurance companies would pay $10 for the same test.  This practice is unfair for consumers and gives insurance companies an unfair advantage.

The companies that may be engaging in these practices are LabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America), Quest Diagnostics, and Bio-Reference Laboratories.

If you were denied coverage of blood tests by your insurance company or had to pay for blood testing out-of-pocket for any other reason, please contact attorney George Pressly at 1-800-631-6234.

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