Kona Brewing Company Beer False Advertising Investigation

If you purchased Kona Brewing Company beer because you thought it was brewed in Hawaii, you are not alone.  An ongoing false advertising investigation is looking into the deceptive labeling that suggests the beer is brewed in Hawaii.

It is not far-fetched to assume that Kona Brewing Company’s beer is brewed in Hawaii.  The aesthetic label has images of surfboards, waves, lava, and other Hawaiian images.  These images are quite deceptive because Kona Brewing Company beer that is sold outside of Hawaii is actually manufactured on the mainland.  There are breweries located in Portland, Oregon; Woodinville, Washington; Memphis, Tennessee; and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

There have been many similar class action lawsuits in the past few years.  The makers of Beck’s beer settled a lawsuit in 2015 to resolve allegations that it led consumers to believed it was produced in Germany when it was actually produced in St. Louis.  Kirin Ichinban, Sapporo, and Leffe Beer have faced similar allegations.  Consumers will pay more for beer that is imported into the country.  Although Hawaii is a U.S. state, products from the island still have to be shipped to the mainland, making it more expensive.

If you have purchased any Kona Brewing Company beer in the past two years, contact Attorney Georgy Pressly at 1-800-631-6234 to learn about possible compensation.

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