J2 Internet Fax Transfers, Renewals, and Portability Investigation

Are you an Internet fax subscriber who noticed changes to your account that you did not give permission for?

Did your provider suddenly change? Did your fees suddenly go up? Was your subscription automatically renewed without your consent? And if you tried to change your provider, did you have difficulty taking your fax number with you?

We’re investigating Internet fax company J2 Global, which has been buying up Internet fax companies and now may control as much as 90 percent of the Internet fax service market. Here are some of the fax service providers that may be affected:

  • eFax
  • MyFax
  • MetroFax
  • SmartFax
  • TrustFax
  • CallWave
  • RapidFax
  • Send2Fax
  • Fax87
  • MyPhoneFax
  • Onlinefaxes.com
  • Scrypt
  • GreenFax
  • MaxEmail
  • Newrise Corp.
  • Venali, Inc.
  • CallWave
  • Mijanda, Inc.
  • UniFax
  • OneBox

As J2 has acquired companies over the years, it often acquires the company’s subscribers as part of the deal. There’s nothing wrong with that. But allegations have surfaced that J2 has been meddling with customer accounts in various ways:

  • By transferring customers to a different J2 provider,
  • By attempting to lock in subscriptions via automatic renewals,
  • By signing them up for more expensive programs or adding services that customers have not approved, and
  • By making it difficult for customers who choose to leave to take their fax numbers with them.

California has strict requirements for renewals under its Automatic Renewal Law, which J2 may not be respecting. Also, J2’s eFax provider might be marketing its services in deceptive ways, letting customers believe that they are buying a fax number even though the fine print in their contracts says that the numbers belong to eFax and they are merely temporarily “licensing” them. When customers want to change providers, eFax will then make it difficult or impossible for them to take the numbers with them.

Sometimes class actions are necessary to make companies treat their customers fairly. If you have had difficulties with a J2 company, fill out the form on this page and let us know what your experience was.

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