Investigations & Security Bureau Security Guards Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

A group of former security guards in Florida have filed a class action lawsuit against their former employer, Investigations & Security Bureau and its CEO, Skip Drish. The suit alleges that the company violated state and federal wage laws by failing to pay minimum wages and overtime wages to its staff. The plaintiffs were hired as non-exempt hourly workers, placing them as covered employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This means they must be paid time-and-a-half for working in excess of forty hours per week. Some members of the class also allege failure of payment for the federal statutory minimum wage rate of $7.25/hour for regular hours worked.


The primary job duties for the class members were to patrol various sites that hired Investigations & Security Bureau for safety measures, most often for the Orange County School Board. According to the complaint, the plaintiffs worked between fifty and sixty hours per week and did not receive the compulsory hourly overtime wage required by law. As CEO of Investigations & Security Bureau, Drish was heavily involved in the management and operations of the company, and knew or should have known that his security guards were not properly compensated for time worked, and that his company’s payroll process was not competent.


On August 5, 2015, one of the members of the class suit sent Investigations & Security Bureau a letter through her attorney requesting payroll records and indicated that she would like to be paid the money owed to her. The complaint asserts the company did not respond to this letter. The lawsuit alleges that Investigations & Security Bureau refused to pay its security guards in a willful, intentional, and unlawful violation of wage laws.


The class action members and former security guards for Investigations & Security Bureau are seeking their unpaid minimum wages with a liquidated award in an equal amount, attorney fees, and court costs, among other damages.


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