Investigation of Casper Sleep Website Visitor Wiretapping

Has Casper Sleep been violating federal wiretapping laws by capturing the private information of visitors to its website? This class action investigation goes to the heart of what you as a private citizen expect when you simply visit a website.

Here are the allegations so far:

NaviStone is a data collector that partners with thousands of companies—including the owners of Casper Sleep allegedly inserted a small line of NaviStone computer code into each page of When you visited, NaviStone and Casper Sleep allegedly collected your personal data, including your IP address and allegedly every single keystroke you made on the website—even if you did not hit “submit” to transmit the information to Casper Sleep.  

And that’s not the end of the privacy invasion. NaviStone operates massive data farms, taking all the information it collects on you while you’re visiting and combining it with all the other data under its control. Even if you never gave your name to Casper Sleep, NaviStone may already have it on file from an online order you placed on another website. NaviStone has bragged that it can identify up to 70% of all website visitors in a matter of seconds.  

Imagine that: You simply visit a website and within seconds its owner knows who you are and a whole range of information about you, including, possibly:

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • All information about you that NaviStone collected from other websites
  • All information about you in NaviStone’s mass data farms

Remember, all you did was go to the website and perhaps browse a bit.

If all of the above is proven to be true, Casper Sleep may be violating federal law that prohibits electronic wiretapping.  Those statutes provide $10,000 in statutory damages for each violation.

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