Forward Air Corporation

Forward Air Corporation offers trucking and freight logistics services, including LTL (less than load) shipping services.

FedEx Corporation

FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express Corporation, offers fast package transportation services.

Dillon Logistics, Inc.

Dillon Logistics, Inc. offers trucking and hauling, particularly for asphalt, chemical, and dry bulk loads.

DHL Express (USA), Inc.

DHL Express (USA), Inc. is the US part of the express delivery company DHL, which is a subsidiary of the German entity Deutsche Post. It does not ship within the US but carries packages between the US and other countries.

Navistar, Inc.

Navistar, Inc. makes trucks, buses, defense vehicles, and engines.

Air Evac EMS, Inc.

Air Evac EMS, Inc., which does business as Air Evac Lifeteam, is an air ambulance provider that uses helicopters to transport patients in the central and southern states.