AT&T Mobility, LLC

AT&T Mobility, LLC is a subsidiary of AT&T, Inc. It is also known as AT&T Wireless and provides wireless service in the US, although not in Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.

GTT Communications, Inc.

GTT Communications, Inc., formerly called Global Telecom and Technology, is a multinational company that offers telecommunications and Internet service.

Cellco Partnership, Inc.

Cellco Partnership, Inc., commonly known as Verizon Wireless, is the second-largest wireless carrier in the US, offering a 4G LTE network. It is a division of Verizon Communications.

Zoom Telephonics Inc.

Zoom Telephonics, Inc. designs, makes, and supports communications equipment, primarily for Internet access and wifi and primarily modems, through retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. 

Ecommerce National LLC

Ecommerce National, LLC, which does business as TollFreeDeals.com, is telecommunications company acting as a gateway carrier for overseas call centers.

Appa Inc.

Appa, Inc. is a telecommunications company with a specialty in international calling.

Uniti Group Inc.

Uniti Group Inc. is a real estate investment trust that acquires and constructs critical communications infrastructure and provides wireless infrastructure for the communications industry.

Nutronix Revolution Inc.

Nutronix Revolution, Inc., which does business as a NXR Global, sells subscription TV and streaming services based on a monthly fee.

Altice USA Inc.

Altice USA, Inc. offers cable television and other services, including broadband, pay TV, telephone, wifi hotspot access, proprietary contant and advertising. It has approximately 4.9 million customers in 21 states.