Lilium NV

Lilium NV is developing an electric vertical take-off-and-landing (eVTOL) aircraft intended for high-speed air transportation.

OnStar, LLC

OnStar, LLC, a subsidiary of General Motors, offers communications, in-vehicle security, emergency services, navigation, and remote diagnostics on a subscription basis.

Connexin Software, Inc.

Connexin Software, Inc., which does business as Office Practicum, offers office software for pediatric medical practices.

Resolve I.T., Inc.

Resolve I.T., Inc. provides IT services for businesses, including strategy, management, support, projects, security, and cloud hosting.

Rackspace Technology, Inc.

Rackspace Technology, Inc. is a cloud computing hosting company that provides access to such cloud offerings as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.

Opendoor Technologies, Inc.

Opendoor Technologies, Inc. operates an algorithm-based platform for buying and selling real estate and specializes in flipping properties.

Presidio, Inc.

Presidio, Inc. offers technology for cloud, security, collaboration, and physical and virtual IT infrastructure.

TTE Technology, Inc.

TTE Technology, Inc., which does business as TCL North America, designs and sells televisions. Its parent company is TCL Electronics.