Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC

Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC is an international real estate developer and property manager that has more than fifty offices in the US, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company offers residential and commercial real estate and value-added services.

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation (HHDC) is a community development organization ‚Äčthat creates affordable housing in Latino neighborhoods in Chicago and also in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


MSBG Oasis, LLC is the owner of the Oasis Townhomes of Waipahu, consisting of 406 townhouse-style apartments at Waipahu, Hawaii.

Westdale Brentmoor, LLC

Westdale Brentmoor, LLC works together with Westdale Asset Management, LP to own or manage, and to act as landlord to, apartment properties in North Carolina.

ECI Group, Inc.

ECI Group, Inc. is a multi-family housing company that develops, constructs, sells, and manages homes in the Southeastern US.

RAM Partners, LLC

RAM Partners, LLC is a full-service multi-family property management company. It manages around 38,000 apartments around the US.

CoreLogic Valuation Solutions Inc.

CoreLogic Valuation Solutions, Inc. provides valuation services, appraisal management software platforms, and automated valuation models, for mortgage originators and the home equity, default, and capital markets.

We Company

We Company, also known as WeWork, is a real estate business that rents commercial space and then sub-rents it to tech startups and other businesses. The company once had a valuation of $47 billion, but it has since (as of June 2020) fallen precipitously and its IPO has been postponed.