Radio Systems Corporation

Radio Systems Corporation makes pet products, such as shock collars and electronic fences, pet doors, pet gear, and pet toys.

Zesty Paws, LLC

Zesty Paws, LLC makes dog and cat supplements that offer such substances as chondroitin and probiotics.

Automated Pet Care Products, LLC

Automated Pet Care Products, LLC makes pet care products like the Litter-Robot, an automated self-cleaning litter box, and automated feeding machines.

Garmon Corporation

Garmon Corporation makes pet supplements, including joint health, calming, digestive, and vitamin supplements.

Hartz Mountain Corporation

Hartz Mountain Corporation offers pet supplies of all kinds, including treats, grooming items, toys, cat litter, and flea and tick protection.

Earth Rated

Earth Rated is a Canadian company making pet care products, including poop bags, wipes, and dispensers.