Southland Royalty Company LLC

Southland Royalty Company, LLC is a gas and oil exploration and production company that operates in Texas and New Mexico.

XTO Energy Inc.

XTO Energy, Inc. is an American energy company and a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation. It specializes in producing from unconventional oil and natural gas assets, typically from shale rock via fracking.

Spess Oil Company

Spess Oil Company is based in Cleveland, OK and specializes in oil and gas production.

Rockwater Energy Solutions Inc.

Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc. offers chemical and environmental products and services, including fluids management services, to the oil and gas industry in the US and Canada. 

KRH Inc.

KRH, Inc. helps oil and gas companies to maximize production on wells.

Eagle Road Oil LLC

Eagle Road Oil, LLC, a subsidiary of Jericho Oil, is an extraction company in Oklahoma.


OXY USA, Inc., formerly known as Cities Service Oil and Gas Corp., explores for, produces, and markets crude oil and natural gas. It is a subsidiary of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

United Propane Gas Inc.

United Propane Gas, Inc. is based in Kentucky provides propane gas and heating services in at least twelve states.

DCP Midstream LP

DCP Midstream, LP gathers and sells natural gas and natural gas liquids. It also designs and installs pipelines, and owns and operates 65 plants and 57,000 miles of pipeline.