Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC is a subsidiary of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, Inc. and does business as Mr. Cooper. It provides servicing for mortgages, including reverse mortgages.

Walter Investment Management Corporation

Walter Investment Management Corporation makes and services mortgage loans and reverse mortgage loans. It also services loans for Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and other US government-sponsored entities (GSEs), third-party securitization trusts, and other owners of credit. 

Quicken Loans Inc.

Quicken Loans, Inc. is one of the largest mortgage lending companies in the US, using online applications rather than traditional brick-and-mortar branch locations. 

Selene Finance LP

Selene Finance, LP is a residential mortgage that offers residential loan servicing. 

Selene Finance LP

Selene Finance, LP is a residential mortgage company that offers residential loan servicing. 

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC provides mortgage loan servicing to borrowers and investors. It is a subsidiary of Carrington Holding Company, LLC, a private investment management company. 

Residential Credit Solutions Inc.

Residential Credit Solutions, Inc. issues and services mortgages and services and manages performing and nonperforming residential mortgage loans for homeowners. However, its website as of October 31, 2017 indicates that it is "no longer actively servicing loans".