Penny Publications, LLC

Penny Publications, LLC is a magazine publisher that specializes in mysteries, crosswords, and puzzles.

CNET Media, Inc.

CNET Media, Inc. is a digital media company that publishes CNET magazine.

Nation Company, LLC, The

The Nation Company, LLC publishes The Nation, a liberal political magazine founded by abolitionists in 1865.

Sony Group Corporation

Sony Group Corporation, formerly Sony Electronics, Inc., manufactures consumer and professional electronic products, makes video game consoles, publishes video games, offers records, and is the largest Japanese media company by size.

McGraw Hill, LLC

McGraw Hill, LLC is a book publisher that specializes in books at both grade-school and higher education levels.

WP Company, LLC

WP Company, LLC publishes periodicals, including the Washington Post.

Dow Jones & Company Inc.

Dow Jones & Company, Inc., founded in 1882, publishes The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Market Watch, and Financial News. It is a subsidiary of News Corp.

New York Times Company

New York Times Company is an American media company that publishes the New York Times and the International New York Times.

Playboy Enterprises Inc.

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. grew out of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire. It has two divisions: Media, which manages content for print, digital, social, mobile, TV, and radio platforms; and Licensing, which licenses the Playboy name, Rabbit design, and other trademarks, in connection with consumer goods, venues, and events.

Condé Nast Entertainment LLC

Condé Nast Entertainment LLC began as a magazine publisher but now also seeks revenue from licensing, e-commerce, and video.