Jame Roll Form Products, LLC

Jame Roll Form Products, LLC, which does business as Venus Processing & Storage, Inc., provides custom roll forming and metal fabrication.

Packaging Corporation of America

Packaging Corporation of America is an American manufacturer that makes container board and paper packaging. It has around 15,000 employees.

Voestalpine Texas, LLC

Voestalpine Texas, LLC makes HBI (hot briquetted iron) to be used in steel furnaces. It is part of the Voestalpine Group, an Austrian company that offers steel-based technology and products.

Tonoga, Inc.

Tonoga, Inc., which does business as Taconic, makes strong, lightweight, waterproof, thermal, fireproof, and nonstick materials, including PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics, tapes, and belts for industrial use.

Chemtool Incorporated

Chemtool Incorporated makes lubricating greases, including lithium, lithium complex, aluminum complex, polyuria, clay/bentone, and overbased calcium sulfonate.

Norlite, LLC

Norlite, LLC makes cement and concrete products for the construction business.

WestRock CP LLC

WestRock CP, LLC is the second-largest packaging company in the US. It makes corrugated packaging.

Georgia-Pacific Corrugated LLC

Georgia-Pacific Corrugated, LLC makes paper plates and cups, sanitary food containers, and other paperboard products. 

General Cable Corporation

General Cable Corporation is one of the world’s largest makers of cable made from copper, aluminum, and fiber optics, as well as cable products for use in energy, industry, construction, communications, and specialty applications.