Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is the largest sheriff’s department in the US. It has roughly 18,000 employees, patrols 153 unincorporated communities and 42 cities, and provides security to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Metrolink, and ten community colleges.

New York City Department of Corrections

New York City Department of Corrections is a branch of the government of New York City that is responsible for the custody, control, and care of the city’s inmates, most of whom are on Rikers Island. 

Absolute Bonding Corporation

Absolute Bonding Corporation provides bail bonds to consumers so that they can post bail and get released from police custody.

County of San Bernardino

County of San Bernardino is a county in the southern part of the state of California. It has a population of over two million and covers over 20,000 square miles, making it the largest county in the US by area.

American Traffic Solutions Inc.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc. operates red light and school bus arm cameras and processes violations. It also processes toll transactions and violations.

Cook County Jail

Cook County Jail is the largest single-site jail in the US. Located in Chicago, IL, it houses about 10,000 prisoners.