Skyline Construction Enterprises, Inc.

Skyline Construction Enterprises, Inc. invests in commercial real estate and construction firms with offices in Washington, Illinois, Texas, and California.

Apex Clearing Corporation

Apex Clearing Corporation is a broker-dealer that offers digital clearing and custody for trading and investing.

Bessemer Trust Company

Bessemer Trust Company, founded in 1907, is a private, independent company that oversees more than $140 billion for its customers.

Crossroads Systems, Inc.

Crossroads Systems, Inc. is a holding company that purports to invest in businesses that promote economic vitality and community development.

Fleet New York Metropolitan Regional Center, LLC

Fleet New York Metropolitan Regional Center, LLC, formerly the Federal New York Metropolitan Regional Center, is the general partner for a limited partnership purportedly undertaking a project for a luxury hotel in Queens, New York.

CITIC Capital Holdings Ltd.

CITIC Capital Holdings Ltd., formerly the China International Trust Investment Corporation, is a worldwide investment and advisory company headquartered in China.

Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc.

Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. offers investment advice, portfolio management, investment strategies, advisor services, and a digital Intelligent Portfolio program.

Robinhood Financial, LLC

Robinhood Financial, LLC isĀ an institutional brokerage company that offers consumersĀ online and mobile discount stock brokerage options for investing.

BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock, Inc. is a multinational investment management company and the largest asset manager in the world, managing over $9 trillion in assets as of June 2021.