TrustedID Inc.

TrustedID, Inc. is an American identity protection company and a subsidiary of Equifax.

Allconnect Inc.

Allconnect, Inc. helps consumers compare and connect with home services, such as integrated media, broad band, home protection, energy, and green products. It help customers save time and money in establishing or transfering household services.

Equifax Inc.

Equifax, Inc. provides information and human resources outsourcing for businesses, governments, and consumers around the globe. It maintains databases of information from many sources, including credit, financial assets, telecommunications and utility payments, employment, income, demographics, and marketing data and uses statistics and its own software to analyze the data

Onvia Inc.

Onvia, Inc. provides intelligence for businesses that sell to the public sector, including federal, state, and local government contracting leads, with access to bids, requests for proposals, and future spending data, along with agency contacts, competitor information, and market analytics. It offers software products such as Onvia Business Builder, a government leads and relationship manager, Onvia Navigator, a database of government contracts, and the Onvia Guide, which provides push notifications of government business opportunities.

Radial Insight LLC

Radial Insight, LLC provides research services to companies, particularly when large groups of people need to be surveyed. 

WPA Intelligence

WPA Intelligence provides research, data analysis, and data management for political campaigns and other clients. 

NaviStone Inc.

NaviStone, Inc. develops website visitor and behavior tracking technology that matches anonymous visitors to names and addresses and helps direct marketers to identify engaged direct mail prospects.

AUS Marketing Research Systems Inc.

AUS Marketing Research Systems, Inc. is a market research, survey, and consulting firm that performs such services as intellectural property management and utility consulting. 

Equifax Information Services LLC

Equifax Information Services, LLC is a credit reporting agency that collects and reports consumer information to financial institutions.

Cogint Inc.

Cogint, Inc. specializes in data and analysis for marketing, managing risk, conducting investigations, and identifying new customers.