CoreLogic Credco, LLC

CoreLogic Credco, LLC is a consumer reporting agency that provides reports to third parties, specializing in reports to mortgage companies. Its parent company is CoreLogic, Inc.

Place for Mom, Inc., A

A Place for Mom, Inc. is a for-profit referral service for people looking for senior care. It also serves as a marketer for senior housing communities and care providers.

Equifax Information Services, LLC

Equifax Information Services, LLC offers data products, including financial, consumer, and commercial data and analytical solutions.

Fair Isaac Corporation

Fair Isaac Corporation is a data analytics company that produces FICO scores, a measure of credit risk.

Schooladvisor, LLC

Schooladvisor, LLC, which does business as Degreesearch.org, runs a website that lets aspiring students to enter the type of degree or subject matter they are interested in and purportedly helps them obtain information on education grants that may be available.

RM Acquisition, LLC

RM Acquisition, LLC, which does business as Rand McNally, offers mapping, on paper or via software and hardware, for the consumer electronics, commercial transportation, and educational markets.

HomeAdvisor Inc.

HomeAdvisor, Inc. is a digital service for customers who need home improvement, maintenance, or remodeling services. It lists prescreened local professionals who perform those services and offers project planning resources as well.

Parrent Smith Investigations

Parrent Smith Investigations is a private investigation company operating in California. It offers services for private clients such as background checks, asset searches, and witness interviewing.

Control Group Media Company Inc.

Control Group Media Company, Inc. offers web development and digital marketing services. Some of its subsidiaries are credit reporting agencies.

Financial Media Group LLC

Financial Media Group, LLC provides data on the financial services and insurance industry for hiring and targeting. Its assets were acquired in 2018 by Discovery Data.