Naturelo Premium Supplements, LLC

Naturelo Premium Supplements, LLC offers wellness products, including vitamins, minerals, and supplements derived from whole food ingredients.

Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which does business as VPX Sports, offers sports and energy drinks along with other products for fat loss, energy, and muscle building.

FitLife Brands, Inc.

FitLife Brands, Inc. makes dietary supplements, including for sports nutrition and bodybuilding.

ZMB Enterprises, LLC

ZMB Enterprises, LLC makes dietary supplements, including Xanrelax and Addall.

Boiron, Inc.

Boiron, Inc. is an 85-year-old company that makes homeopathic medicines.

KSF Acquisition Corporation

KSF Acquisition Corporation, which does business as SlimFast, makes dietary supplement, weight loss and meal replacement products.

Irwin Naturals

Irwin Naturals makes supplements for differing consumer needs, such as for better sleep, to boost the immune system, and for fat burning.

Genius Brand

Genius Brand purports to use all-natural raw ingredients to make nootropic supplements to improve brain performance.