Fit Foods Distribution, Inc.

Fit Foods Distribution, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of Fit Foods sports nutrition, health and wellness, and fitness products.

BioSteel Sports Nutrition, Inc.

BioSteel Sports Nutrition, Inc. is a Canadian company that makes dietary supplements and drinks for athletes and exercisers.

Chattem, Inc.

Chattem, Inc. makes over-the-counter healthcare products, supplements, and medicated products to be applied to the skin. Its brands include Allegra, IcyHot, Gold Bond, Rolaids, and Selsun Blue. Chattem is a subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

Vitacost.com, Inc.

Vitacost.com, Inc. is an e-commerce company that sells vitamins, supplements, and organic groceries. It is a subsidiary of Kroger.

eSupplements, LLC

eSupplements, LLC, which does business as Nutricost, sells dietary supplements, including vitamins and powders, for working out and general health.

Rari Nutrition, LLC

Rari Nutrition, LLC provides purportedly natural pre workout supplements, fat-burning and BCAA supplements, and other sports nutrition products.

Reliance Vitamin Co., Inc.

Reliance Vitamin Co., Inc. makes dietary supplementary products, including vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils, and protein powders.

PS Global, LLC

PS Global, LLC, doing business as Dakota Nutrition, makes dietary supplements.