GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Holdings (US) LLC

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Holdings (US) LLC makes health and wellness products, including supplements, analgesics, and products for dermatological, gastrointestinal, respiratory tract, smoking control, and oral care.

Windmill Health Products

Windmill Health Products makes vitamins and supplements and also sells toiletries, prescription drugs, and proprietary drugs.

Nutranext LLC

Nutranext, LLC makes dietary and nutritional supplements. It is a subsidiary of the Clorox Company.


JB7, LLC, through its Physician’s Choice brand, sells supplements and nutritional products for daily use, preventative care, and better athletic performance. 

Kentucky Counseling Center LLC

Kentucky Counseling Center, LLC is a behavioral health provider network with locations throughout Kentucky offering counseling, psychiatry, and targeted case management.

Precor Incorporated

Precor Incorporated sells home and commercial fitness equipment, such as exercise bicycles and treadmills.

YouFit Health Clubs LLC

YouFit Health Clubs, LLC has a chain of over 100 health clubs, located primarily in the southern and western parts of the US. 

1Up Nutrition LLC

1Up Nutrition, LLC sells exercise clothing and nutritional supplements, including products for workouts, weight loss, and recovery.

Naturex Inc.

Naturex, Inc. produces and sells plant extracts to companies that use them to make products.

FoodState Inc.

FoodState, Inc., formerly known as BioSan Laboratories, Inc., makes natural, whole-food supplements, such as vitamins.