Vitacost.com, Inc.

Vitacost.com, Inc. is an e-commerce company that sells vitamins, supplements, and organic groceries. It is a subsidiary of Kroger.

eSupplements, LLC

eSupplements, LLC, which does business as Nutricost, sells dietary supplements, including vitamins and powders, for working out and general health.

Rari Nutrition, LLC

Rari Nutrition, LLC provides purportedly natural pre workout supplements, fat-burning and BCAA supplements, and other sports nutrition products.

Reliance Vitamin Co., Inc.

Reliance Vitamin Co., Inc. makes dietary supplementary products, including vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils, and protein powders.

PS Global, LLC

PS Global, LLC, doing business as Dakota Nutrition, makes dietary supplements.

Evlution Nutrition, LLC

Evlution Nutrition, LLC makes EVL Sports Nutrition products and fitness supplements, including BCAA Energy Powder.

iFit, Inc.

iFit, Inc., which does business under the name NordicTrack, makes personal fitness training equipment, including trainer-led workouts on screen, for use at home. It is owned by Icon Health and Fitness.

Olly PBC

Olly Public Benefit Corporation is a maker of supplements for issues such as sleep, stress, and immunity.