Koch Foods, Inc.

Koch Foods, Inc. is a food processor and distributor that is number 125 on the Forbes magazine list of the largest private companies in the US, with revenue of $3 billion and roughly 14,000 employees.

Clif Bar & Company

Clif Bar & Company makes energy foods and drinks, such as Clif bars. It is a subsidiary of Mondelez International.

Suja Life, LLC

Suja Life, LLC makes organic juices and other nutritional drinks.

Three Wishes Foods, Inc.

Three Wishes Foods, Inc. makes gluten-free and grain-free breakfast cereals primarily from chickpea protein, pea protein, and tapioca.

Lactalis American Group, Inc.

Lactalis American Group, Inc. offers dairy products, including cheese, butter, and milk under brands such as Président, Galbani, and Parmalat.

Two Farms, Inc.

Two Farms, Inc., which does business as Royal Farms, operates a convenience store chain that sells coffee, drinks, sandwiches, burgers, and bakery products.

Mishima Foods USA, Inc.

Mishima Foods USA, Inc. offers Japanese and other Asian food products, including sauces, ginger paste, furikake rice toppings, soups, seasonings, and snack foods, such as wasabi green peas.

Hornell Brewing Co., Inc.

Hornell Brewing Co., Inc. makes energy drinks, iced tea, and fruit drinks. It is an affiliate of Arizona Beverage Company.