Fairlife, LLC

Fairlife, LLC is an “ultra filtered milk” company that processes milk by a filtration process that purportedly removes the lactose and much of the sugar and leaves behind more of the protein and calcium. The company is owned by Coca-Cola.

Gruma Corporation

Gruma Corporation is a leading maker of corn and flour tortillas, tortilla chips, and other related products. It serves industrial, retail, and food service customers. Its brands include Guerrero, Mission, and Calidad.

Nestlé Holdings, Inc.

Nestlé Holdings, Inc. is a holding company that offers, through its subsidiaries, food, dairy products, beverages, and nutrition products around the world.

Ito-En (North America), Inc.

Ito-En (North America), Inc. markets green tea and other Asian teas and drinks in the USA. It is an affiliate of Ito-En, Ltd., the fourth-largest soft drink maker in Japan.

Golub Corporation, The

The Golub Corporation operates supermarket chains Market 32 and Price Chopper. It has 131 stores in Upstate New York, New England, and Pennsylvania.

Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, LLC

Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, LLC makes frozen baked goods and desserts. It is headquartered in the Chicago suburbs with bakeries in Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, and Washington.

Naked Juice Co. of Glendora, Inc.

Naked Juice Co. of Glendora, Inc. produces food and beverages, such as juices, smoothies, fruits, vegetables, and its signature Naked Juices.

Dietz & Watson, Inc.

Dietz & Watson, Inc. prepares delicatessen foods, such as sandwich cold cuts and cheeses.