ConAgra Foods, Inc.

ConAgra Foods, Inc. is the largest food service manufacturer in North America and the second-largest retail food supplier. It has three business areas, Consumer Foods, International Foods, and Commercial Products.

Health-Ade, LLC

Health-Ade, LLC makes and sells kombucha and other beverages, including Health-Ade Kombucha, Health-Ade Plus, Health-Ade Booch Pop, Health-Ade Pop, and Health-Ade Mixers.

Kasim International Corporation

Kasim International Corporation imports and exports various foods, such as crackers, flour, and canned and bottled foods, including coffee, dressing, and fruit nectar.

Morton Salt, Inc.

Morton Salt, Inc. is the leading provider of salt in North America, for food, water conditioning, along with industrial, agricultural, and road use.

Boston Beer Company, Inc.

Boston Beer Company, Inc. makes beers and other beverages, including under the Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, and Truly brand names.

BlueTriton Brands, Inc.

BlueTriton Brands, Inc. was known as Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. Formerly the North American business unit of Nestlé Waters, it produces bottled water in North America, including Arrowhead Water, Deer Park Spring Water, Ice Mountain, Nestlé Pure Life, Nestlé Splash, Ozarka, Poland Spring, and Zephyrhills.

NextFoods, Inc.

NextFoods, Inc. makes dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan products, including fruit drinks and probiotic fruit drinks.

Diageo North America, Inc.

Diageo North America, Inc. is a large North American drinks company that owns the Guinness, Johnnie Walker, and Smirnoff brands.

Niagara Bottling, LLC

Niagara Bottling, LLC makes bottled water and soft drink products, including private label water for companies like Walmart, Safeway, and Costco.

Food Lion, LLC

Food Lion, LLC is a subsidiary of the European grocery company Ahold. It has more than 1,100 supermarkets across ten states in the mid-Atlantic area and the Southeast.