Good Fat Co. Ltd., The

The Good Fat Co. Ltd. makes purportedly healthy food, such as nut and seed butters, diet food, and protein bars.

Forward Foods, LLC

Forward Foods, LLC makes high protein, snack, energy, and meal replacement bars including under the Detour brand.

YummyEarth, Inc.

YummyEarth, Inc. makes allergy-friendly candy and snacks that do not contain the top eight allergens, high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, or GMOs.

Sugarmill Distilling, LLC

Sugarmill Distilling, LLC is a distilling company, offering sorghum syrup, vinegar, vodka, whiskey, and hand sanitizer.

Beliv, LLC

Beliv, LLC makes purportedly healthy drinks, including fruit juices and nectar, yerba mate, and energy drinks.

Perfect Bar, LLC

Perfect Bar, LLC makes bars, peanut butter cups, and other snacks.

Ancient Brands, LLC

Ancient Brands, LLC provides grains, seeds, and cereals as well as nutritional products and supplements.

Birch Benders, LLC

Birch Benders, LLC makes pancake and waffle mixes, toaster waffles, and pancake and baking cups.