Total Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Total Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a staffing agency for clerical, industrial, and professional staffing, serving the Greater Chicago area.

CareerBuilder, LLC

CareerBuilder, LLC offers a job board, recruiting platform, and other resources to help employers hire workers in the US, Europe, Asia, and Canada.

Quality Labor Services, LLC

Quality Labor Services, LLC is a staffing company that provides temporary workers for light industrial and hospitality enterprises in the Chicago area and southern Wisconsin.

Onin Staffing, LLC

Onin Staffing, LLC offer staffing services, including temporary staffing, direct staffing, and support services in the industrial, retail, medical, and general business fields.

Heartland Employment Services, LLC

Heartland Employment Services, LLC helps adults with disabilities find employment positions, including at medical or care facilities.

Coralreef Productions Inc.

Coralreef Productions, Inc., provides business consulting. Through its Nine9 identity, it is a non-agency that provides information and services to those aspiring to be models and actors.

Maxim HealthCare Services Inc.

Maxim HealthCare Services, Inc. is a private medical staffing service which has its headquarters in Columbia, Maryland.

InterExchange Inc.

InterExchange, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that sponsors J-1 visas to allow participants from 60 countries to live and work in the US for periods of between four and eighteen months. Its programs includ Au Pair USA, Camp USA, Career Training USA, Work & Travel USA, and Working Abroad.    

ZipRecruiter Inc.

ZipRecruiter, Inc. helps companies find employees, through the use of job boards and other tools.