Arcadia Recovery Bureau LLC

Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC is a debt collector that recovers consumer debts owed to hospitals, health care systems, physicians' practices, municipal court systems, and utilities.

Sunrise Credit Services Inc.

Sunrise Credit Services, Inc. is a private company that has been in the business of debt collection and accounts receivable management since 1975.

Enhanced Recovery Company LLC

Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC provides outsourcing services, such as market research and debt collection, primarily for Fortune 500 companies.

Pinnacle Credit Services LLC

Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC buys domestic and international consumer debts from originators such as banks and credit companies. It tends to outsource collections on this debt to other companies. 

Retail Merchants Association Inc.

Retail Merchants Association, Inc. is a debt collector that has been in existence since 1898. It does business as the Credit Bureau of Louisiana.

Diversified Consultants Inc.

Diversified Consultants, Inc. specializes in debt collection, particularly for telecom and cable providers, throughout all fifty states.


USCB, Inc. does business under the name of USCB America and provides accounts receivable and resource management, primarily to healthcare providers, government entities, and retail and banking creditors. The company was founded in 1915 and was formerly known as the United States Credit Bureau.

CB1 Collections

CB1 Collections is a debt collection agency based out of Montana.