Blue Otter, LLC

Blue Otter, LLC, which does business as Blue Otter Polarized, makes sunglasses for sporting or style.

Acushnet Holdings Corp.

Acushnet Holdings Corp., the parent company of Acushnet Company, offers performance golf goods through its Titleist and FootJoy websites and products.

Brilliant Earth Group, Inc.

Brilliant Earth Group, Inc. sells jewelry with diamonds or other gemstones that it claims are ethically sourced.

Penney OpCo, LLC

Penney OpCo, LLC, which does business as JC Penney, is a midscale department store chain that sells clothes, accessories, and home goods that operates more than 600 stores and also has an e-commerce website.

Franchise Group, Inc.

Franchise Group, Inc. acquires mostly franchise companies, under brands such as American Freight, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Sylvan Learning.

Energizer Brands, LLC

Energizer Brands, LLC makes batteries, flashlights, chargers, and lighting products.

Instant Brands, LLC

Instant Brands, LLC makes kitchen items, including under the Corelle, Corning, and Pyrex brands.

Livwell Products, LLC

Livwell Products, LLC, which does business as Adapted Nutrition, makes fitness and health products.

Muscle Feast, LLC

Muscle Feast, LLC offers nutritional supplements for health and fitness needs.