Total Merchant Services LLC

Total Merchant Services, LLC provides merchants with merchant accounts and payment card processing services.

Loomis Armored US LLC

Loomis Armored US, LLC handles cash for customers, including transportation by armored vehicles, through a service network of almost 200 locations in the US and over 400 in the US and Europe. 

Field Research Inc.

Field Research, Inc. provides research, surveys, focus groups, mock juries, and other services for businesses.

ComplyRight Inc.

ComplyRight, Inc. helps businesses with compliance in the areas of employee management, labor laws, and tax reporting.

Fieldwork Inc.

Fieldwork, Inc., which does business as National Recruiting Center, offers market research services and focus group arrangements for businesses.

PAR Technology Corp.

PAR Technology Corp. offers business software, point-of-sale products, biometric identification, and “enterprise intelligence” software. It primarily serves quick-service restaurants. LLC, LLC registers Internet domains and hosts websites. It had roughly 18.5 million customers worldwide as of March 2019.  

North American Bancard LLC

North American Bancard, LLC provides payment processing for merchants, including for credit and debit cards, checks, and EBT, and offers gift and loyalty cards.

Square Inc.

Square, Inc. offers financial services, merchant service aggregating, and mobile payment processing.