Eye Care Leaders Holdings, LLC

Eye Care Leaders Holdings, LLC offers electronic medical records (EMR) or practice management software to ophthalmology doctors and practices.

Central Payment Co., LLC

Central Payment Co., LLC provides transaction payment processing, including gift cards and debit processing services.

Medscan Laboratory Inc.

Medscan Laboratory Inc., which does business as Adaptive Health Integrations, provides laboratory, billing, and software services to medical provides.

Language Line Services, Inc.

Language Line Services, Inc., also known as LanguageLine Solutions, provides on-demand language interpretation, by phone, by video, or on site, as well as document translation services, for law enforcement, healthcare organizations, courts, schools, and businesses in over 240 languages.

ECL Group, LLC

ECL Group, LLC offers medical business administration services for medical practices, such as billing, keeping electronic medical records (EMR), and other practice management services.

NEC Networks, LLC

NEC Networks, LLC, which does business as CaptureRx, provides office administration and management services.

Intermountain Employment Service, Inc.

Intermountain Employment Service, Inc., now called Ascend Staffing, is a staffing company that provides workers for clerical, light industrial, and non-clinical hospital work.

UKG, Inc.

UKG, Inc. offers workforce management software, including timekeeping and payroll services.

Litigation Practice Group, PC

Litigation Practice Group, PC offers debt relief services, including bankruptcy, civil and commercial litigation, real estate, and debt validation.