P2 Energy, LLC

P2 Energy, LLC offers oil and gas software, geospatial data, land management tools, and accounting and other business services for oil and gas companies.

Entrust Corporation

Entrust Corporation provides cybersecurity services, including securing transactions and managing sensitive data for companies and government entities.

Ibex Global Solutions, Inc.

Ibex Global Solutions, Inc. offers contact center services, digital marketing, and other business process outsourcing services.

Insight Global, LLC

Insight Global, LLC offers staffing for IT, government, accounting and finance, healthcare, and engineering companies, and provides other business services.

Faneuil, Inc.

Faneuil, Inc. offers outsourcing for bussiness processes, including customer care centers, back office operations, medical device tracking, violation processing, and information technology services.

Resolve I.T., Inc.

Resolve I.T., Inc. provides IT services for businesses, including strategy, management, support, projects, security, and cloud hosting.

Rackspace Technology, Inc.

Rackspace Technology, Inc. is a cloud computing hosting company that provides access to such cloud offerings as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.

Davaco, Inc.

Davaco, Inc. offers retail, restaurant, and hospitality services, such as graphic installations, project management, merchandising, marketing surveys, and logistics.

Mediant Communications, Inc.

Mediant Communications, Inc. provides document processing and communications services for mutual funds and public companies, for materials going to their shareholders.

Conservice, LLC

Conservice, LLC provides utility management and billing services to entities like apartment complexes and mobile home parks.