Ray Hair

Ray Hair is a musician, the International President of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, and a Co-Chair Trustee of the AFM & SAG/AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund.

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association

The Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Association, formed in 1913, serves independent US bottlers as well as production cooperatives in Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It helps members grow their businesses and offers insurance programs, risk management, employee benefits, hedging, and IT programs and training.

National Rifle Association of America

National Rifle Association of America is an organization that advocates for gun rights and purports to teach firearm safety and competence. It claims to have nearly 5 million members as of December 2018.

Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. is registered with the Federal Elections Commission as the official candidate committee that facilitates and financially supports Trump’s campaign for office in 2020.

Susan B. Anthony List Inc.

Susan B. Anthony List, Inc. is a non-profit political group aimed at reducing and ending abortion in the US, through supporting anti-abortion politicians, particularly women.


AARP Inc., formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is a non-profit organization for seniors fifty years old and older, known for its advocacy for seniors and offering benefits for older persons.