Zeeto, LLC

Zeeto, LLC offers offers digital marketing, permission-based advertising, and online advertising and describes itself as “a question-powered ad network.”

ECM Marketing, Inc.

ECM Marketing, Inc. is a marketing company that offers telemarketing and other services.

Kochava, Inc.

Kochava, Inc. is a technology company that offers online advertising services, including attribution, planning, targeting, and optimizing online advertising.

Yodel Technologies, LLC

Yodel Technologies, LLC assists companies with marketing campaigns, lead generation, and telemarketing.

Kai Data, LLC

Kai Data, LLC claims to provide “sales lead generation” for real estate businesses. It allegedly scrapes the Internet for numbers, puts them in databases, and sells the database, as well as the use of an automatic dialing system.

Trustpilot, Inc.

Trustpilot is a global platform for business reviews, which purportedly collects reviews and sell subscriptions so that businesses can use the data to improve sales and earnings.

Grand Brands, Inc.

Grand Brands, Inc. is a business development and branding company, developing websites and businesses in e-commerce, media, advertising, and internet services.

Lead Intelligence, Inc.

Lead Intelligence, Inc, which does business as Jornaya, provides a lead management platform for connecting lead generators and lead buyers. It offers lead authentication, origin, and history for marketing companies.

ActiveProspect, Inc.

ActiveProspect, Inc. is a marketing SaaS company that provides lead data and lead verification services.

Xpress Web Marketing

Xpress Web Marketing is a digital marketing company that offers such things as web design and site content.