Comcast SPP Plan Class Action Investigation

This action is brought by the Washington state Attorney General’s office challenging the truthfulness of Comcast’s Service Protection Plan (SPP).

Comcast markets and sells its Service Protection Plan ("SPP") to its customers as a product that will allow them to avoid all service call fees should customers ever experience a service problem that requires an on-site Comcast technician visit. 

The complaint alleges that through June, 2016  Comcast claimed the SPP was "comprehensive," and "cover[s] all chargeable service calls for your XFINITY services without additional service fees." It further claimed that when the customer signs up for the SPP, customers will:  “[E]njoy worry-free maintenance of all inside wiring for your cable TV, high speed Internet and phone services. In addition, you'll enjoy knowing you’re covered for service calls related to customer-owned equipment connected to Comcast services and on-site education about your products.  The complaint further alleges that Comcast routinely made these representations through its website and they formed the basis of sales scripts Comcast representatives used in marketing the SPP to consumers.  

The Washington state AG asserts that Comcast grossly misrepresented the SPP to consumers to induce them to purchase the SPP. Contrary to Comcast's claims that the SPP provides “comprehensive" coverage, the SPP covers only a narrow scope of repairs. For example, despite advertising to consumers that the SPP covers all "inside wiring," the SPP does not include wiring inside the walls of a residence—wiring that constitutes most of the inside wiring in the majority of customers' homes. Comcast did not tell consumers this before signing them up for the SPP.  Likewise, although Comcast claimed the SPP covers all service calls related to customer-owned equipment, it does not cover any actual repairs relating to customer equipment. It simply covers the technician visiting the customer’s house and declaring that the customer's equipment is broken.

The complaint also alleges that Comcast also marketed the SPP as covering service calls relating to Comcast equipment and wiring outside a customer's house. However, these issues are already covered for free by Comcast's Customer Guarantee promises. 

Contrary to this promise, Comcast charged thousands of Washington customers for service calls that resulted from a Comcast equipment or network problem, including issues with Comcast HDMI and component cables, Comcast cable cards, and the installation of drop  amplifiers, which fix Comcast signal problems. In addition, until approximately June 2015,  Comcast provided its technicians with a service call fix code that expressly allowed them “to add service charges to a normally not charged fix code." 

This lawsuit then is an attempt in part to help Washington state residents option reimbursements from Comcast for the fees consumers had to pay.

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