Collecto Debt Collection QR Code Exposure Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Collecto dba EOS CCO violated federal and state law regarding debt collection practices by placing customer QR codes in the window of the envelope which in turn makes it visible to all.  A person can scan the QR code and determine the customers account number which arguably is illegal when visible without opening the envelope.

This is a relatively simple case.  Collecto is a debt collector.  When communicating with consumers that owe a debt, Collecto sends written communications in an envelope with a window in the front.  That window contains the name and address of the customer.  

It also contains a QR Code, which is a type of matrix barcode which is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

Anyone with a smart phone can read the QR Code and determine the account number of the customer.  

Exposure to the public of the customer’s account most likely violates federal debt collection laws.

Article Type: Lawsuit
Topic: Consumer
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Tags: Exposing Private Information, Unlawful Debt Collection, Your Privacy