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ClassPass Displays Non-Partners on Partners Network Class Action

ClassPass, Inc. is a “digital middleman” company that allows subscribers to book classes at gyms and fitness studios, and lately, also for services like manicures, massages, and haircuts. This class action brings suit against ClassPass, its CEO Fritz Lanman, and its Founder and Executive Chairman Payal Kadakia, claiming that it has presented itself as offering  Read more

Unfair Competition
Unfair Competition, False Affiliation, Deceptive Advertising
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Ulma Non-Normalized Flanges Unfair Competition Class Action

Ulma Forja, S.Coop and its US subsidiary, Ulma Piping USA Corp., make carbon steel flanges, which the companies originally sold in the US as being “normalized,” or heat-treated. This class action follows up on an earlier suit against the company, brought by two competitors on Ulma, during which Ulma executives admitted that most of their  Read more

Unfair Competition
Unfair Competition, False Claims of Quality, Deceptive Advertising