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Centene Ambetter Health Insurance Plans Performance RICO Class Action

Ambetter health insurance plans are sold on the exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This class action brings suit against those who provide the plans, including Centene Corporation, Centene Management Company, LLC, and Celtic Insurance Company, alleging they sell fraudulent health insurance policies and bringing suit under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations  Read more

Unfair Health Plans, RICO laws, Payment of Promised Benefits or Subsidies, Incomplete payment of benefits due, Inaccurate Information about Provider Network, Health Insurance
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Opioid Epidemic Costs to Florida Public Schools RICO Class Action

This class action brings suit against a long list of pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors of opioids, on behalf of independent public school districts in Florida. The complaint claims, “public schools have been shouldering perhaps the most profound and enduring consequences of the nationwide opioid epidemic.” It points to schools’ needs to provide special education and  Read more

School, RICO laws, Opioids, Negligence, Education, Civil Conspiracy
Regeneron Eylea

Regeneron “Charity” Boosted Sales of More Expensive Drug Class Action

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. makes the drug Eylea, which is a prescription injection designed to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), an eye disease that can lead to blindness. Eylea is more expensive than the competing drug Avastin, but the complaint for this class action alleges that Regeneron used an illegal scheme involving a purported  Read more

Tortious Interference with Contract, RICO laws, Kickbacks, Fraudulent Concealment, Fraud
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Wells Fargo Claims Mortgage Assignment in Bankruptcy Case RICO Class Action

The initial filings for this pro se class action add up to over 700 pages. The main defendant is Wells Fargo Bank, NA; the case seems to have begun with a mortgage and the bankruptcy of the original lender; and then a foreclosure without a proper, legal assignment. The most prominent allegations involve the Racketeer  Read more

RICO laws, Mortgage-Related Unfair Practices, Improper Actions During Bankruptcy, Foreclosure
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Manufacturers, Distributors, Pharmacies Opioid Epidemic RICO Case

A very large multi-district litigation (MDL) case on opioids is currently working its way through the court system, with multiple complaints, long lists of defendants, and around 3,500 documents currently on file. The complaints bring suit against a group of manufacturers, marketers, distributors, national pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers, for creating or contributing to the  Read more

RICO laws, Pharmaceuticals, Opioids, Opioid Prescriptions
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Syndicated Conservation Easement Tax Strategy Rejected by IRS RICO Class Action

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows some conservation easements to be considered a noncash charitable contribution deduction, which can have substantial tax benefits for certain individuals. However, the easements must be placed on the property in strict compliance with the terms set by the IRS. The complaint for this class action brings suit against a  Read more

RICO, Investments
Tax Advantages, RICO laws, Investments, Fraud
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Insurance Office of America Inflated Securities RICO Class Action

This class action brings suit against Insurance Office of America, Inc. (IOA) and IOA Group, LLC, alleging that the company ran a Ponzi scheme that inflated stock prices. It also claims that the company defrauded its employees, customers, and independent sales agents and overbilled customers with fraudulent fees added to premiums.  Read more

Securities, RICO
Securities Frauds, Securities, RICO laws
Apidra, an Insulin Drug

Analog Insulin Drug Makers’ Kickbacks to PBMs RICO Class Action

This class action alleges that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are taking kickbacks from drug manufacturers in ways that raise the prices of prescription drugs. The drugs at issue in this case are analog insulin drugs, and the case has been brought by a drug wholesaler, which claims that it must pay more for drugs because  Read more

RICO laws, Pharmaceuticals, Kickbacks
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Cigna, Viant Conspiracy to Negotiate Insurance Payments Class Action

Behavioral health problems, such as drug or alcohol addiction, can be difficult and expensive to treat. In this class action, the complaint alleges that Cigna Behavioral Health, Inc. and Viant, Inc. have “systematically undervalued and underpaid” claims, requiring insureds to pay excessive out-of-pocket charges.  Read more

RICO, Insurance
RICO laws, Insurance, Incomplete payment of benefits due, Health Insurance
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Young Living Essential Oils Pyramid Scheme Class Action

The story alleged in this complaint is familiar: a pyramid selling scheme, promising riches, but with the ultimate wealth going to those at the top of the pyramid. In this case, the allegations are against Young Living Essential Oils, LC.  Read more

RICO laws, Pyramid Scheme