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Bank of America Unauthorized Escrow Account Class Action

Bank of America is a large entity, with a portfolio of outstanding consumer loans worth $236 billion. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the bank sells consumers add-on products with their mortgages that they do not want. In addition, the complaint says, it may be difficult for consumers to get rid of  Read more

Your Bank, Opening unauthorized accounts, Mortgage-Related Unfair Practices
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Valley Forge Insurance Denial of Claims for Covid-19 Closures Class Action

With the Covid-19-related closures of many business in the US, companies have lost income, and some of them are looking to insurance policies to make up the loss. The complaint for this class action alleges that Valley Forge Insurance Company should pay for the lost income of its insureds with certain coverages, including Business Income,  Read more

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Insurance, Denial of Benefits, Covid-19 Related, Business Insurance
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Travelers Insurance Claims for Coronavirus Closing Losses Class Action

The coronavirus pandemic has caused disruptions to businesses because of mandatory closings or customers staying home. In this class action, the complaint alleges that Travelers Casualty Insurance of America should pay certain losses of a dentist office required to close by the state governor’s order. Interestingly, the complaint has been filed before the dentist has  Read more

Nonpayment of Benefits, Insurance, Business Insurance
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Bell Bank Multiple NSF Fees on Single Item Class Action

This class action is another in a long line of recent ones alleging that a bank has improperly charged multiple nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees or overdraft (OD) fees on a single item. The complaint in this case alleges that Bell Bank has also done this, and that it has thereby breached contractual promises and the  Read more

Your Bank, More Than One Fee Assessed on a Single Item/Transaction, Excessive Fees, Charges in Excess of What Was Promised
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Ruby Corp False, Deceptive E-Mails California Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims, “In 2003, the California Legislature found that ‘[r]oughly 40 percent of all e-mail traffic in the United States is comprised of unsolicited commercial e-mail advertisements…” The legislature passed laws governing spam, but the complaint claims that Ruby Corp., Ruby Life (doing business as AshleyMadison.com), and ADL Media, Inc.  Read more

Spam, False, Deceptive E-Mails
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McDonald’s “Vanilla” Soft-Serve Ice Cream Labeling Class Action

At its 14,000 fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s Corporation offers soft-serve or reduced-fat ice cream that it designates as “vanilla.” The “vanilla” designation is displayed on its menu boards, drive-through displays, website, and marketing materials. The complaint for this class action takes issue with this designation, claiming that it indicates that the ice cream is flavored only  Read more

Deceptive Labels, Deceptive Advertising, Contains Too Little of Featured Ingredients