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PHH Mortgage Telephone Pay-to-Pay Charges Class Action

The word “mortgage,” the complaint for this class action tells us, literally means “death pledge.” The complaint’s topic is actually slightly less dramatic: It alleges that PHH Mortgage Corporation violates various consumer-debt-related laws in charging excessive fees to borrowers who make over-the-telephone payments.  Read more

Processing or Pay-to-Pay Fees, Mortgage-Related Unfair Practices
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Wells Fargo Fraudulent Affidavits to Extend Liens Class Action

When a financial company has made what it calls a mistake in its loan documents, it should not be able to change those terms in its favor, unilaterally and without the knowledge of the borrowers. But the complaint for this class action alleges that that’s what Wells Fargo did with certain home equity lines of  Read more

Mortgage-Related Unfair Practices, Loan-Related Unfair Practices, Home Equity Line of Credit, False or Altered or Insufficient Documentation
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Advance Financial 24/7 Predatory Lending Class Action

The complaint for this class action brings suit against Shiva Finance, LLC and Harpeth Financial Services, LLC for predatory lending practices. Among them are requiring an arbitration clause the companies themselves don’t abide by, failure to make legally-required disclosures, and making unauthorized electronic withdrawals from bank accounts.  Read more

Unlawful Debt Collection, Truth in Lending, TCPA, Predatory Lending, EFTA
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PHH Mortgage, HSBC Bank Improper Right to Cure Notices Class Action

Foreclosures are likely to be hard to undo. Nevertheless, the complaint for this class action asks that the court “declare any foreclosure deed for [the class members in this case] null and void.” It claims that PHH Mortgage Corporation (formerly known as Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC) and HSBC Bank USA, NA, as Trustee for Fremont  Read more

Mortgage-Related Unfair Practices, Foreclosure
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Navient Fraudulent Servicing of Student Loans Class Action

Navient services student loans. The complaint for this class action alleges that it has engaged in unlawful practices that defraud borrowers, including the manipulation of its student loan servicing practices to gain profit for itself and to mislead borrowers. The defendants in this case include Navient Corporation, Navient Solutions, LLC (formerly Navient Solutions, Inc. and  Read more

Unlawful Practices, Student Loans, Loan Servicing, Fraud
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Bank of America Force-Placed Unneeded Flood Insurance Class Action

When a lender provides a mortgage for a property, it has a right to insist that the borrowers maintain adequate insurance to protect its investment. The complaint for this class action alleges that Bank of America, NA (BoA), however, forces borrowers to take flood insurance that they do not need, and that the premiums of  Read more

Mortgage-Related Unfair Practices, Forced Placed Insurance
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Ally Financial Improper Vehicle Repossession Minnesota Class Action

This class action raises the issue of the steps that must be taken in Minnesota before a vehicle can be repossessed. The defendants include Ally Financial, Inc., Resolvion, LLC, and 11th Hour Recovery, Inc. The complaint alleges violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Minnesota Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and Minnesota Common  Read more

Unfair Vehicle Repossession, Loan-Related Unfair Practices, Improper Repossession
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Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Auto Loan Markups Class Action

Consumers want to receive the best interest rates available to them. The complaint for this class action, however, alleges that Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (AFCU) and its Board of Directors allow auto dealers to mark up the interest rates on its auto loans. The complaint claims that this violates the Washington Consumer Protection Act  Read more

Loan-Related Unfair Practices, Excessive Interest Rate, Breach of Fiduciary Duty
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Paycheck Advance Programs and Apps High Fees Investigation

Have you gotten an advance on your paycheck through a wage-advance app or a program your employer offers? Do you live in the state of New York, or is your employer’s headquarters in that state? Some users of these apps or programs have been surprised at the price they were charged for this advance. We’re  Read more

Loan-Related Unfair Practices, Deceptive Business Practices, Deceptive Advertising