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DiversyFund and REITs Misleading Statements and Omissions Class Action

This class action brings suit against two real estate investment trust (REITs), DF Growth REIT, LLC (REIT I), DF Growth REIT II, LLC (REIT II), their sponsor DiversyFund, Inc., and two persons who had control of these entities, Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis. The complaint alleges that these defendants sold shares to investors while making  Read more

Real Estate, Providing False or Misleading Information, Material Omission, Investments, Investment Losses
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Empower Managed Accounts Breach of Fiduciary Duties Class Action

Participants in retirement plans rely on plan fiduciaries to act in their interests, with loyalty and prudence. The complaint for this class action alleges Empower Retirement, LLC, Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), and other associated companies breach those duties to those who invest in Empower Managed Accounts, charging higher fees and concealing that the investment  Read more

Retirement Plans, Excessive Fees, Conflicts of Interest, Concealing Information, Breach of Fiduciary Duty
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Coinbase Promotion of TerraUSD as Stablecoin Class Action

Coinbase is a marketplace for cryptocurrency, but the complaint for this class action claims it is also “a significant venture capital investor in [early phase] cryptocurrency companies and one of the largest financial backers of Terraform Labs.” Terraform created TerraUSD (UST), which was promoted as a “stablecoin,” but this complaint brings suit against Coinbase Global,  Read more

Negligent Misrepresentation, Negligence, Deceptive Advertising, Cryptocurrency
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Vanguard Target Date Funds Taxes on Smaller Investors Class Action

This class action speaks of the Vanguard Group, Inc. as “one of the most respected and successful investment companies in the world.” However, the complaint brings suit against Vanguard and the Vanguard Chester Funds, alleging that they disadvantage smaller investors when assets of the funds are sold, in particular during what the complaint terms “a  Read more

Tax, Investments, Capital Gains Taxes
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LGB Token Sale of Unregistered Securities Class Action

This class action alleges that a new cryptocurrency (LGB tokens), based on the Let’s Go Brandon meme, actually consists of unregistered securities. It brings suit against a corporate defendant, known as Corporate Defendant Doe or LGBcoin and groups of individuals (the Executive Defendants, the Racing Defendants, and the Promoter Defendants). The complaint alleges they created  Read more

Pump and Dump Scheme, Offering or Sale of Unregistered Securities, Cryptocurrency
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BlockFi Crypto Interest Accounts Are Unregistered Securities, Says Class Action

This class action brings suit against a number of BlockFi entities—BlockFi, its parent BlockFI, Inc. (BFI), and affiliates BlockFi Trading, LLC and BlockFi Lending, LLC, for their BlockFi Interest Accounts or Crypto Interest Accounts (BIAs). The complaint alleges BIAs are unregistered securities that should have been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and  Read more

Securities, Offering or Sale of Unregistered Securities, Investments, Cryptocurrency
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SafeMoon Cryptocurrency “Pump and Dump” Class Action

The prospects for individuals cryptocurrencies are difficult for individuals to evaluate before they buy. The defendants in this class action brings are SafeMoon, LLC, related other SafeMoon companies, and two groups of individuals (the Executive Defendants and the Promoter Defendants), all connected to the SafeMoon token. The complaint alleges that these defendants used “misleading promotions  Read more

Pump and Dump Scheme, Investments, Investment Losses, Cryptocurrency
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Geron Conceals Study Results, Sells Inflated Stock Class Action

Geron Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company, had just one drug in its pipeline, imetelstat. The complaint for this class action alleges that a Phase 2 clinical trial for the drug produced disappointing results. Despite this, according to the complaint, company insiders sold a large amount of stock without disclosing the results of the trial. This class  Read more

Stock Losses, Securities, Pharmaceuticals, Investment Losses, Concealing Information
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EthereumMax Cryptocurrency Improper Promotions, Inflated Values Class Action

EthereumMax (EMax) is both a type of cryptocurrency and the name of the company that’s the first defendant in this class action. The complaint alleges that the company, three individuals it calls the executive defendants, and three celebrity promotors misled investors when promoting EMax in order to sell their own tokens at an inflated price.  Read more

Paid Endorsement, Deceptive Advertising, Cryptocurrency
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Voyager Digital Representations on Cryptocurrency Trading Class Action

Voyager Digital Ltd. and Voyager Digital, LLC offer a “multi-billion-dollar mobile application cryptocurrency investment service” that permits members of the general public to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The complaint alleges that the service is aimed at investors who are young and inexperienced and that some of its promises are simply not true.  Read more

Investments, Deceptive Advertising, Cryptocurrency, Brokerage