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Progressive Actual Cash Value Negotiation Adjustment New York Class Action

When a vehicle is totaled in an accident, the insurance company must determine the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle. Progressive Corporation, which does business as Progressive and Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, uses valuation reports from a vendor called Mitchell International, Inc. to make that determination, but the complaint for this class action  Read more

Unfair Business Practices, Insurance, Auto Insurance, Actual Cash Value
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MetLife Insurance Premiums 700% Increases Class Action

“People buy life insurance for comfort and peace of mind.” The complaint for this class action begins its Allegations of Fact with this line. At issue is a policy with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), for which MetLife has increased premiums over 700% in recent years. The complaint alleges that the increases are imposed on  Read more

Unfair or Improper Increase in Premiums, Premium Increases, Life Insurance, Insurance

USAA Refunded Insurance Late Fees Without Interest Class Action

The defendants in this case are a group of USAA companies. According to the complaint, in 2019, USAA paid money “to remedy its improper pricing practices that caused more than 130,000 USAA automobile insurance customers to be charged late fees illegally over an eight[-]year period starting in 2011.” However, it claims that USAA did not  Read more

Insurance, Incomplete Refund, Excessive Late Fees
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Farmers Insurance Exchange Auto Insurance Windfall California Class Action

Many companies and individuals suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, says the complaint for this class action, “auto insurers like Farmers [Insurance Exchange] have scored a windfall.” This is because stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and people working from home have resulting in far less driving, fewer cars on the road, and thus fewer car  Read more

Insurance, Excessive Profits, Covid-19 Related, Auto Insurance
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John Hancock Travel Insurance Pre-Departure Cancelation Class Action

This class action brings suit against three companies involved in travel insurance: John Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc., Starr Indemnity & Liability Company, and Seven Corners, Inc. The complaint alleges that they sold trip protection plans but did not offer appropriate pro-rata refunds when the trips were cancelled before they began.  Read more

Travel Insurance, Insurance, Failure To Pay For Refund
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Cinergy Health Group Term Life Insurance Scheme Class Action

This class action concerns association term life insurance certificates bought from Cinergy Health, Inc. (which does business as Cinergy Health & Life Insurance Agency). The certificates were underwritten by Companion Life Insurance Company and issued through Companion or the National Congress of Employers, Inc. (NCE). The complaint alleges deception in the sale and marketing of  Read more

RICO laws, Life Insurance, Insurance, Breach of Contract
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Geico Auto Insurance Windfall from Covid-19 Mississippi Class Action

During the shutdowns for Covid-19, many people stopped commuting to work and made fewer trips away from home for shopping, eating out, socializing, or entertainment. The complaint for this class action alleges that this resulted in a windfall for Geico Casualty Company, Geico Indemnity Company, and Geico General Insurance Company because fewer car trips meant  Read more

Insurance Rates, Insurance, Covid-19 Related, Auto Insurance
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Erie Insurance Exchange Refusal to Pay for Covid-19-Related Losses Class Action

Three businesses in Pennsylvania and Virginia are suing Erie Insurance Exchange, because of losses incurred due to measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The three, High Tech Hair, LLC, Capucinno [sic] Pizzeria Ristorante La Villa, and Rose Glam Hair Studio, LLC, were all insured under Erie’s Ultrapack Plus Commercial Property Coverage form.  Read more

Insurance, Denial of Benefits, Covid-19 Related, Business Insurance
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Auto-Owners Insurance Claims Depreciation of Labor Multi-State Class Action

When an insurance company calculates a payout for property damage, it may take the cost of a new equivalent structure, then subtract depreciation. But can depreciation be subtracted from labor costs? In certain states, or under certain policies, it cannot, claims the complaint for this class action. It brings suit against Auto-Owners Insurance Company, claiming  Read more

Insurance, Incomplete payment of benefits due, Homeowners Insurance, Depreciation of Labor Costs
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Safeco Insurance of Illinois Sales Tax on Total Losses Missouri Class Action

When an insurance company must pay for a vehicle that is a total loss from an accident or that has been stolen, what items must be figured into the payout? The complaint for this class action alleges that Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois is required to pay sales tax as part of the payment for  Read more

Sales Tax, Insurance, Incomplete payment of benefits due, Auto Insurance, Actual Cash Value