Waste Connections Truck in Alley with Trash Containers

Waste Connections False Fuel and CPI Increases in Fees Class Action

Two different kinds of overcharges are at issue in this class action, brought against Waste Connections US, Inc., Waste Connections of the Carolinas, Inc., and Waste Connections of SC, Inc. The complaint alleges that the companies overcharge their customers through both unlawful and excessive fuel surcharges and price increases.  Read more

False or unlawful fuel surcharges, Deceptive Pricing/Undisclosed Surcharges, Breach of Contract
A Holiday Inn in Texas

Holiday Inn Requirements Strain Franchisees Texas Class Action

Franchising companies have a great deal of say in how franchisees conduct their businesses. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the requirements imposed by Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC (HFF), Six Continents Hotels (which does business as Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), and IHG Owners Association (IHGOA), Inc. are excessive and detrimental to the  Read more

Kickbacks, Franchise-Related, Breach of Contract
A Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Raises Prices on Existing Contracts for Solar Roofs Class Action

In 2016, Tesla bought SolarCity, a solar panel company, founded by two cousins of Elon Musk. But customers waiting for installations of its new Solar Roof have now been informed they will have to pay as much as 50% more than they were told, in what the complaint for this class action says is “classic  Read more

Breach of Contract, Bait and Switch Tactics, Additional charges in breach of contract
DraftKings Sportsbook Logo

DraftKings Sportsbook No Payout for Winners Class Action

DraftKings, Inc. offers users a “safe, secure online sports betting platform”—or so the complaint for this class action quotes its website as saying. But the complaint alleges DraftKings has a “systemic practice of refusing to pay winning wagers to customers who are contractually entitled to them.” The complaint alleges breach of contract.  Read more

Gambling or Gambling Games, Failure to Pay Winnings, Breach of Contract
Citi Logo

Citibank Reclassification of PayPal, Venmo Purchases Class Action

The problem addressed in this class action has arisen from the use of mobile electronic payment (MEP) apps, like Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App to pay for purchases: How should these be classified by the linked banks and credit cards, and why does this matter? The complaint brings suit against Citibank, NA, alleging that the  Read more

Unfair Business Practices, TILA, Did Not Make/Receive Proper Disclosures, Deceptive Business Practices, Breach of Contract

Belfor Property Restoration Padded Charges for Rental Equipment Class Action

The original incident behind this class action was the collapse of a building, which damaged a neighboring building, whose owner in turn hired Belfor USA Group, Inc. to do restoration work. The complaint for this class action alleges that Belfor, which does business as Belfor Property Restoration, “overcharges [clients]—up to three to four times more  Read more

Excessive Profits, Excessive Fees, Construction, Additional charges in breach of contract