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HungryRoot Automatic Subscription Renewals California ARL Class Action

E-commerce subscriptions are a fast-growing segment of the world economy. Unfortunately, some subscribers appear to be paying for subscriptions for longer than they want to—to the point where California has passed an Automatic Renewal Law (ARL) setting forth conditions for automatic subscription renewals for consumers in that state. The complaint for this class action alleges  Read more

Unlawful Subscription Renewal, Unfair Subscription Practices, Difficult to Cancel, Deceptive Advertising, Automatic Subscription Renewal or Continuous Service Agreement
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Location

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Duplicate Withdrawals Class Action

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, or PenFed, has made a series of errors, the complaint for this class action alleges—performing duplicates of certain transactions. Not only has twice the amount authorized been withdrawn from accounts, the complaint alleges, but in some cases accounts have been left with insufficient funds to cover the duplicate transaction or to  Read more

Your Bank, Negligence, Deceptive Advertising, Conversion, Breach of Contract
Dayquil Packaged with SuperC

SuperC Packaged with Dayquil Ineffective for Flu Class Action

The Procter & Gamble Company owns the Vicks brand, which offers a combination pack of two over-the-counter products: Dayquil and SuperC. But the complaint for this class action takes issue with the combination product, alleging that it leads consumers to think that the SuperC vitamin C product will help with the “Severe Cold & Flu”  Read more

Misrepresentations of qualities of product, Deceptive Advertising
Act Soothing Mint Dry Mouth Lozenges

Act Dry Mouth Lozenges Lower pH Than Teeth Class Action

Chattem, Inc. makes Act Soothing Mint dry mouth lozenges. Lozenges of this type are often useful to consumer suffering from dry mouth, or xerostomia, but the complaint for this class action alleges that these may be harmful, because they have a pH below the level of tooth enamel or root dentin and may therefore erode  Read more

Deceptive Labels, Deceptive Advertising, Causing damage
Dollar General Store

Dollar General Charges Higher Prices at Register New York Class Action

Dollar General Corporation (DGC) offers dollar stores that sell to low- and middle-income consumers, selling goods at lower prices. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that DGC, along with related companies Dolgen New York, LLC (which does business as Dolgen) and Dolgencrop of Texas, Inc., misleads New York consumers by posting one price  Read more

Price Not as Advertised, Deceptive Labels, Deceptive Advertising
Godiva Signature 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Godiva Dark Chocolate Contains Concerning Levels of Lead Class Action

This class action is based on a December 2022 Consumer Reports testing of products that revealed that certain dark chocolates contain concerning levels of heavy metals. The complaint for this class action alleges that high levels of lead were found in a chocolate bar product from Godiva Chocolatier, Inc., the Godiva Signature 72% Cacao Dark  Read more

Heavy Metals, Deceptive Advertising, Contamination During Preparation or Use, Contaminated with Harmful Substances
Zelle Logo

Bank of America No Help for Defrauded Zelle Users Class Action

Early on, the complaint for this class action says, “The Zelle money transfer system is rife with fraud…” It brings suit against Bank of America, NA (BofA), which advertises the service as being “safe,” yet when consumers are defrauded through its use, it alleges, the bank does not provide assistance to recover the lost funds.  Read more

Your Bank, Unfair Competition, Fraudulent Payments or Money Transfers, Deceptive Advertising
Baggage Accumulating at Airport During Flight Delays

Southwest Airlines Cancellations During Holiday Travel Class Action

Southwest Airlines Company is a major US passenger airline. Between December 24, 2022 and January 2, 2023, however, the airline experienced enormous flight delays around the country, during a peak travel time, which the complaint for this class action alleges was due to technical problems with its systems. The complaint also claims that passengers whose  Read more

Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Breach of Contract, Airline TIckets, Air Travel Delays or Cancellations
Fresca Sparkling Soda Water, Grapefruit Citrus

Fresca Sparkling Soda Water, Sweetener, and Flavoring Class Action

The Coca-Cola Company makes what it labels “sparkling soda water” in grapefruit and black cherry flavors. However, the complaint for this class action alleges the products are improperly labeled because (a) they contain a sweetener, which is not acknowledged on the label and (b) they do not contain the ingredients consumers expect to supply the  Read more

Flavoring Source, Deceptive Labels, Deceptive Advertising, Contains Sweetener
Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips

Wahlburgers Pickles Contain Preservative Sodium Benzoate Class Action

Wahlburgers pickles are a product of two companies, the complaint for this class action alleges: Arkk Food Company, which it says controls the recipe for and distribution of the pickles, and Wahlburgers I, LLC which it says owns the Wahlburgers trademark and licenses it to Arkk. The complaint alleges that the companies advertise the pickles  Read more

No Preservatives Claims, Deceptive Labels, Deceptive Advertising, All Natural Claims