Three Bottles of Seroquel XR

AstraZeneca Seroquel XR Generic Delay Antitrust Class Action

A number of antitrust class actions in recent years have centered on covert agreements between a company with a popular and lucrative drug and one or more other companies who may wish to put out a generic version. In this antitrust class action, the complaint claims that AstraZeneca companies entered into agreements with Handa Pharmaceuticals,  Read more

Pharmaceuticals, Keeping Generics Off the Market, Antitrust
Image from Apple Arcade Game

Apple Anticompetitive Acts in iOS Subscription Gaming Class Action

Video games are projected to generate $159.3 billion in revenue in 2020. Some mobile games are purchased by subscription, allowing customers to use them on multiple devices, and even to save progress in a given game across devices. The complaint for this class action alleges that Apple, Inc., “the largest company by market capitalization in  Read more

Monopoly, Antitrust
A Flock of Broiler Chickens

Suppression of Chicken Broiler Grower Compensation Antitrust Class Action

This antitrust class action brings suit on behalf of broiler chicken growers, against a number of companies under the names of Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride, Perdue, Koch, and Sanderson Farms. The complaint alleges that these “vertically-integrated” companies, which operate broiler processing plants, engaged in anticompetitive behavior in the US domestic market to fix grower compensation “below  Read more

Broiler Chickens, Antitrust
Pile of College Textbooks, About to Topple

Textbook Publishers, Retailers Inclusive Access Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this class action brings suit against textbook publishers and campus book retailers, alleging that their Inclusive Access program amounts to a conspiracy to limit competition and keep textbook prices high. The three publisher defendants include Cengage Learning, Inc., McGraw Hill, LLC, and Pearson Education, Inc. The three retailer defendants are Barnes &  Read more

Textbooks, Education, Antitrust
A Synta Telescope

Synta, Ningbo Sunny Consumer Telescope Antitrust Class Action

This is one of a number of antitrust class actions brought against makers and distributors of consumer telescopes in the US, Canada, Taiwan, and China. The complaint for this class action alleges that two companies were affiliates of each other rather than competitors, and that these companies, along with a number of others, colluded to  Read more

Unfair Competition, Collusion and Price Fixing, Antitrust, Allocation of Customers Territories or the Like
Oil Storage Tanks

Vega Capital London Manipulation of WTI Oil Futures Contracts Class Action

On April 20, 2020, on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the price of the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) light sweet crude oil futures contracts to expire in May were trading at negative $37.63 a barrel—meaning that sellers had to pay buyers to take the oil off their hands. The complaint for this class action  Read more

Securities, Antitrust
Bottle of Bystolic

Bystolic Drug Companies Noncompete Agreements Antitrust Class Action

When it’s time for a “blockbuster” drug’s patent to expire, makers of generics are normally in a hurry to create their own versions. However, the complaint for this antitrust class action alleges that those involved with the drug Bystolic entered into noncompete agreements with potential competitors, to delay the entry of generics into the market.  Read more

Keeping Generics Off the Market, Drugs and Generics, Antitrust
Prescription Bottle Spilling Out Pills

Surescripts Anticompetitive Tactics in E-Prescription Markets Class Action

This antitrust class action brings suit against Surescripts, LLC, a health information technology firm. It accuses Surescripts of anticompetitive behavior to keep its monopoly over two markets related to electronic prescriptions—routing and eligibility.  Read more

Delaying Entry of Others into Market, Antitrust

Delta Dental Allocation of Territories New York Antitrust Class Action

This action brings suit against Delta Dental of New York, Inc. (DDNY) by dental providers, alleging that it and its alleged co-conspirators have entered into anti-competitive agreements to allocate territories, in violation of antitrust laws. The complaint names a long list of co-conspirators on its first and second pages, including the Delta Dental Plan Association  Read more

Antitrust, Allocation of Customers Territories or the Like
Torrance Refinery After Explosion

SK Energy, Vitol Anticompetitive Acts on California Gasoline Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, a 2015 explosion at a Torrance, California refinery provided an opportunity for several companies to manipulate the gasoline market in that state, resulting in higher prices at the pump. The complaint names SK Energy Americas, Inc., SK Trading International Co., Ltd., and Vitol, Inc. as defendants. While  Read more

Price Manipulation, Energy, Collusion and Price Fixing, Antitrust