Beef Cattle in Field

Fed Cattle Market Price Reductions Antitrust Class Action

This antitrust class action brings suit against a number of beef packers for colluding to depress the prices of fed cattle. Because the packers earn their money from the “meat margin”—the spread between the price of fed cattle and the price at which the meat is sold—the companies allegedly decided to earn more by depressing  Read more

Price Manipulation, Collusion & Price Fixing, Antitrust
Viega Copper Press Fittings

Viega Copper and Carbon Steel Press Fittings Antitrust Class Action

Viega, LLC makes fittings. The complaint for this class action brings suit against it under federal and state antitrust laws, alleging that the company has engaged in anticompetitive behavior in the market for copper press fittings and carbon steel press fittings.  Read more

Requiring Consumer to Pay Higher Prices, Collusion & Price Fixing, Antitrust
Farmed Atlantic Salmon Steak on Ice

Norwegian Companies Farmed Atlantic Salmon Antitrust Class Action

Early on, the complaint for this class action says, “In February 2019, the European Commission announced that its antitrust enforcement agents had executed dawn raids on corporate offices and facilities” of companies that produce farmed Atlantic salmon, out of suspicions they may have violated antitrust laws. This class action seems to have grown out of  Read more

Fishing and Fish Production, Collusion & Price Fixing, Antitrust
Cattle Feeding on Grain

Meat Packing Companies Conspiracy to Lower Cattle Prices Class Action

Most antitrust cases are about attempts to raise prices or keep them high. This one is about depressing prices and keeping them low. The complaint alleges that meat packing companies colluded to collapse the price of fed cattle in the market for meat “through coordinated procurement practices and slaughter restraint.”  Read more

Meat Production or Packing, Antitrust
Box and Bottle for Zytiga

Janssen, BTG Invalid Patent to Prevent Competition for Zytiga Class Action

This class action presents a familiar story: a group of pharmaceutical companies—Janssen Biotech, Inc., Janssen Oncology, Inc., Janssen Research & Development, LLC, and BTG International Limited—unfairly prevented generics of a profitable drug  (Zytiga) from entering the market, thus costing consumers and health insurers more than they should have paid. However, at issue here are not payoffs  Read more

Pharmaceuticals, Antitrust
Five-Euro Notes

Eurozone Government Bonds Anticompetitive Collusion Class Action

The complaint for this class action brings suit against Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS, now NatWest Markets), and other financial companies for an alleged anticompetitive scheme to fix the price of Euro-denominated bonds issued by European central banks and sold in the US.   Read more

Securities, Antitrust
Box of Humira

AbbVie Humira Monopoly Antitrust Class Action

This is another antitrust class action against AbbVie and other companies, filed just ten days after the first, for anticompetitive behavior in relation to AbbVie’s drug Humira. The complaint alleges that AbbVie tried to maintain its monopoly on the drug by making illegal arrangements with companies that might have brought out biosimilars, thereby keeping the  Read more

Pharmaceuticals, Antitrust
House with For Sale Sign in Front

National Association of Realtors and MLS Control Antitrust Class Action

How did realtors manage to band together to take anticompetitive actions? The complaint for this class action alleges that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) banded together with four national real estate broker franchises—HomeServices of America, Inc., Keller Williams Realty, Inc., Realogy Holdings Corp., and Re/Max Holdings, Inc.—to set rules for buyer broker commissions. It  Read more

Collusion and Price Fixing, Antitrust
Box for Humira and Humira Pen

AbbVie Suppressed Competition for Humira Biosimilars Antitrust Class Action

Humira is the best-selling drug in the US, which means significant profits for its makers AbbVie, Inc. and AbbVie Biotechnology, Ltd. The complaint for this class action alleges that the companies sought to keep their monopoly on the drug by unfair methods, even after its patent has expired, by bogus patents and deals with would-be  Read more

Pharmaceuticals, Antitrust
Caustic Soda Flakes

Caustic Soda Makers Anticompetitive Actions Class Action

How do you raise prices for a substance in a market with low margins, declining prices, and an oversupply—like the one for caustic soda a few years ago? According to the complaint for this antitrust class action, some makers decided to take concerted, anticompetitive measures, from the fourth quarter of 2015 to the present.  Read more

Requiring Consumer to Pay Higher Prices, Price Manipulation, Collusion and Price Fixing, Antitrust